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  Chris Totterman ..AKA.. Pigsy  


Chris Totterman ..Aka.. Pigsy is known for his creative flair and surfing ability.

Chris is a Graphic Artist and Digital Designer who makes his own comics and is a great surfer from Newcastle Australia.

He is the credited photographer who took photo's of 1990's Newcastle band Joshua Brave. Members included: Ian Sandercoe, Paul Flaherty, Don Ninness, Craig Lancaster, Phil Archer and Brad Elliot.
Cris Totterman designed and produced the artwork on the Joshua Brave Cassette titled Slave to None. He designed and produced the artwork on the band Yiante's debut release cd, Bloodfire. Chris Totterman's photo's were used on Australian singer songwriter Ian Sandercoe's debut album Earthday.


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Ian Sandercoe By Chris Totterman

Photo of Ian Sandercoe in Dungog NSW Australia by photographer Chris Totterman